Poetry and selfie-wall part of the completed Levitt Pavilion mural

A new mural with poetry by Sierra Leone has been completed at the Levitt Pavilion Dayton.

The poem, “Music Heals on Fifth and Main,” can be read in full on the north side of the building located east of the pavilion.

Leone was commissioned in April 2019 to begin work on a poem about the Levitt Pavilion Dayton, according to a release. She attended concerts, stopped by during sound checks, and chatted with concertgoers to capture the essence of the Levitt Dayton experience.

“Creative place making requires a mindset of endurance. I was honored to be commissioned and appreciated the artistic journey. Putting voice to lived experiences is priceless,” Leone said in a news release.

The pavilion also boasts Dayton’s newest selfie wall facing Main Street. The site contains a hidden gem and the venue’s mission, “Building Community Through Music”.

The mural, a combination of bold shapes and bright colors, was designed by Brent Beck and executed by Atalie Gagnet, two local artists.

“The mural design is inspired by the clean angular geometry of the architecture and a dynamic sense of rhythm and spirit found in music, poetry, and the community,” Beck said in the release.

“The Levitt color palette has been utilized to represent the pavilion’s beautiful natural setting among the lawn, sky, and sunshine which is so wonderfully brought to life in Sierra’s poem.”

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