4 questions with music insider Libby Ballengee

Dayton.com blogger, photographer, podcaster, philanthropist and local music buff Libby Ballengee announced on June 5 that she has started her own production company called Venus Child Productions.

This new effort will present "eclectic and exciting special events that showcase her love of live music, dance, art, yoga in her hometown of Dayton, Ohio," according to the company's Facebook page.

Ballengee was born in Brookville and has lived in Dayton since she was 18 years old. She's had her finger on the pulse of the Dayton music scene for years and is looking to bring a unique form of entertainment to the Gem City.

Dayton.com talked with the multi-talented music enthusiast about her latest project:

Q: Why did you start your own production company?

A: "There's been some bands that I really wanted to see perform in Dayton, and there just hasn't been a venue for them to perform. Oddbody's opened last July, and that kinda gave a capacity for larger, national acts and larger local bands, like The Werks, a place where they can actually perform.  A lot of bands would sell out a Canal Street or a Blind Bob's way too fast. They're just too large of a band for that. There were some specific acts that I wanted to see come into Dayton and OddBody's has provided that vehicle for me to bring bands to Dayton. I'm starting my first show on July 1st with New Riders and The Purple Sage and I just made it official with my LLC, and here we are."

Q: What are your goals for your company?

A: "I'm looking to bring in some really exciting musical acts, but I'm looking to also make my particular shows more of an all-encompassing experience by having not only live music, but by having performance art, dance, visual art and food trucks. Just a variety of things going on, so that it's more of an experience than just going to see a band. I'm also looking to do some events with super high-end yoga workshops and national yoga instructors that tour. There's a festival called Wanderlust. [I'm interested in] bringing some of those instructors to Dayton."

"I think having a female perspective is a little refreshing. I don’t think guys would think, necessarily, of having performance art in between sets. That kind of thing. One of the reasons I want to do that here is because I want to keep the energy of the live show going in between bands."

Q: What do you like the most about the Dayton music scene?

A: "One of the things I really like is how eclectic it is. For some other cities I've been to, there's a predominant music scene that, if you're not into, you're kinda out of luck. There are college towns where, if you're not into alternative music, then there's really nothing else. Dayton is kind of one of those music towns, where, historically, we've had funk and that early-90s scene with alternative music, and now it's just sort of blossomed into where I feel like we have a real mix of options. I think that's really special."

Q: Where did the name Venus Child Productions come from?

A: "For some reason, it's kinda just been my Instagram username, and it's kinda been a username of mine. I'm a Libra, and our ruling planet is Venus, so it kinda came from an astrological reference. And I guess "Venus" says, 'It's not a direct, hey this is a female-run production company,' but I think there's a little hint of that. So I wanted there to be a bit of a feminine aspect to it."

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