Reasons we can't wait for Zombie Dogz brick & mortar

After months of speculation, Zombie Dogz has finally confirmed they will be opening a bona fide brick and mortar store at the former Shish Wraps location on Brown Street.

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We are anxiously awaiting more details from one of Dayton's most famous and beloved food trucks about what to expect at the new restaurant. But already, we are drooling over the many, many possibilities.

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In case you haven't experienced the nirvana that is Zombie Dogz for yourself, here are 5 reasons we can't wait for the transition from food truck to fantastic anytime eatery:

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1. Zombie Dogz Year-Round

No more waiting for the much-anticipated opening day (for which this writer once stood in line for 90 minutes in sleet in March), or spending your summer free time tracking down the truck. Now, if you crave a Dead Dixie in the dead of winter, that can happen.

2. Location, Location, Location

Obviously being on Brown Street will be a boon for Zombie Dogz -- being flanked on all sides by UD, Miami Valley Hospital and downtown, plus close access to 35 means this place will certainly be continuously busy for quite a while. Doesn't hurt that our offices are just a hop, skip and half a jump from Brown Street as well.

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3. More Dogz For the Choosing

We're guessing with a larger, dedicated space to prepare and serve the gourmet hot dogs, the daily menu could contain more than the usual 4-5 hot dog combinations. With a more fleshed-out main menu, you'll be more likely to get the dog you want, try one you've been waiting to catch, or be able to buy your stand-by favorite whenever you please. As well, the possiblity we've dreamed up of build-your-own dogs sparkled across our visions like magical food dreams come true.

Bright colors on a cloudy day.

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4. Expanded Menu

Again, with more space, we kicked around the idea that sides could totally become a thing. Half of the toppings Zombie Dogz use on their most popular dishes practically are stand-alone meals themselves (mac & cheese, anyone?), so the move beyond a bag of chips into a full-fledged meal sounds absolutely appetizing to us.

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5. Collaborations

Zombie Dogz is known for teaming up with other local businesses for collaborations at their locations. Partnerships with places such as local breweries or dessert locations would definitely benefit everyone involved. Just imagine possibly being able to enjoy an ice cold IPA and a delectible dessert while you sit back and enjoy the fruit of one of Dayton's most popular food truck's labors.

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