7 reasons Dayton is serious about Pokemon GO

Parents and Baby Boomers have long-complained that the current generation of smartphone-addicted kids and young adults spend way too much time indoors, glued to their devices. Now, smartphone gamers have taken to the streets in a never-ending conquest to capture fictional creatures thanks to Pokémon GO. 

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The augmented reality game takes users to neighborhoods, parks and city streets near and far, in the hopes that a highly-sought-after Pokémon will appear. 

The app's popularity has been sweeping the nation and Dayton has certainly caught the Pokémon GO bug.

Here's 7 reasons which prove Dayton is serious about Pokémon GO:

1. The battle for Pokemon GO gym supremacy is getting fierce!

2. It turns a family-friendly shopping village into a mid-afternoon Pokemon rave

3. Pokemon are invading SICSA cats' free-roam rooms: 

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4. Young adults are voluntarily visiting Wright State's campus for reasons other than class

5. Valuable work hours are being spent attempting to "catch them all."

6. When the app randomly crashes, so does the user's world as they know it

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7. Pokemon are being tracked in a fashion similar to an FBI manhunt