9 songs from Dayton bands that’ll be your summer soundtrack

Trains passing. Endless road construction. Dragons baseball games. What are the sounds of summer in our city?

Unless you frequent the Oregon District at night, you may be missing out on how the heart of our city beats: through its local music scene. On any given night you can find a collection of sounds spilling into the cobblestone streets. So, here it is. Dayton’s Summer Mixtape, from the bands that represent us well.

Photo by Lauren Stanley

Posted by The Nightbeast on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

“Them Nasty Boys” / Nightbeast 

This is the newest single following their album It's Different, I Guess. The band might have more fun on stage than the crowd does, making this one of the very best shows in town. Their music is also available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

Where you can find them: Blind Bobs on August 10th

More info: YouTubeFacebook

“Back From Baghdad” / YARDBOSS

They have a brand new album called We Wish We Were Dead '92 that was just released this year. It's power punk. If you don't know what that is, you should probably just go see them play live.

Where you can find them: Blind Bobs on August 25th

More info: BandcampFacebook

“Disfunk” / SKRT

A song from this spring's Toxic Schlock. They provide a high-intensity show with smart lyrical content and an overtly passionate sound.

Where you can find them: Ladyfest 2017 at The Old Yellow Cab Building, the first weekend in September (schedule TBA)

More info: BandcampFacebook

“Observations” / Speaking Suns 

From Vanishing Country, which is also on Spotify, that was released back in 2014. This Yellow Springs band takes experimental pop/soul to a transcendent level. Word is that a new album will be out later this year.

Where you can find them: Blind Bobs on August 11th

More info: BandcampFacebook

“Room Full of Cowards” / The Boxcar Suite 

Their eclectic sound was proven on last year's Life on the Limb, including this song.

Where you can find them: Blind Bobs on August 12th and Trolley Stop on September 30th

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“Bonus Stage” / Tino

His album, Forget Me Not, is sure to keep you moving.

Where can you find him: Summerfest, behind Ned Peppers and Hole In the Wall, on August 19th

More info: YouTubeBandcamp

“Changes” / Swimming With Sharks 

With the most contagious set in town, they offer up Dance Music for Sad People. Also, who doesn't love a keytar?

Where can you find them: Hold tight! No shows currently, while they record a new album.

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“Le Morte Blues” / Grand Mammoth 

From the awaited Heavy Hairy, that came out last December. If you’re into a reminiscent metal sound with a flawless new twist, this band has what you need. Ride the tusk!

Where can you find them: Hoping for a hometown show soon, but the boys are off to France again this year for Celebration Days.

More info: BandcampFacebook

“Bones” / Moira 

Off of 2015’s asleep/repeat/awake that can only be described as a 20 minute daydream. A surreal experience, especially for new listeners; their shows will leave you enamored.

Where can you find them: Ladyfest 2017, at the Old Yellow Cab Building

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Come out and support these artists and the venues that keep our downtown thriving. And don’t forget to tip your bartenders!

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