GET ACTIVE: Space Three in downtown Dayton offers Axle barbell full-body workout



Getting on a roll with strength training is easy with the Axle Workout.

“Axle is a high intensity, non-stop workout where you quickly rotate exercises and before you know it, time is up,” said Lindsey Deck of Space Three in downtown Dayton. “It’s intense, gets your heart rate up, challenges you to do lifting and fire different muscle groups and it’s a lot of fun.”

Deck – owner and instructor at Space Three at 39 S. St. Clair St. – is excited to be the first local fitness studio to offer the Axle Workout and bring accessibility to weight training.

“It’s a 30-minute, full-body strength training class, accessible to all fitness levels,” Deck said.

Barbell basics

The Axel Barbell was created by NBA strength and conditioning coach Andrew Page as a more accessible option than the traditional 7-foot, 45-pound Olympic bar.

“The bar is much smaller and lighter than your typical Olympic bar, weighing in at only 11 pounds with the option to load the bar up to 350 pounds,” Deck said.

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But the term barbell doesn’t really do it justice as The Axle – with its smooth-rolling tires – offers users a full-body workout.

The unique fitness equipment has a variety of uses beyond lifting. It can be used while doing traditional moves likes squats and lunges, but the Axle Barbell is also designed to roll which is helpful in activating the core while doing floorwork.

It’s lightweight, versatile and beginner friendly.

“It’s super easy to use,” Space Three instructor Lisa Gillies said. “And classes are a lot of fun.”



Barbell benefits

At Space Three, Axle Barbell workouts are all about efficiency with 30-minute classes.

“It’s a short amount of time but very effective,” Gillies said. “You’re still burning a decent amount of calories.”

The short full-body workout checks several boxes.

“It’s 30 minutes of a cardio boost, strength training and weightlifting all in one,” Deck said. “It’s an excellent way to get a quick hard burn.”

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Burning calories – check. Boosting heartrate – check. Building muscle – check. But there is more.

“The core work is also great,” Gillies added.

The wheeled barbell can be utilized as a planking tool or ab roller.

Want to give it a try? Space Three is offering a free class to Dayton Daily News readers.

Simply reach out via email at or fill out the link:

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