Is it stuffing, dressing or something else entirely? Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart says there's no real difference between stuffing and dressing Southern Living says the difference between stuffing and dressing may come down to geography If you're in the South, you're likely to look for dressing recipes. Northern states are the biggest searchers for stuffing recipes Both dressing and stuffing have the same ingredients If you're a purist, you may insist that dressing is cooked outside the bird and stuff

The most-searched Thanksgiving recipe in every Southern state

Can you guess what Thanksgiving grub tops Google in your home state? From Alabama to West Virginia, Southerners love cooking up a storm for Thanksgiving, but Google's findings for the most-searched recipes by state may surprise you. Of course, there were tried-and-true staples like green bean casserole on the list, but there were also some surprises, like Delaware's penchant for "keto brisket."

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Scroll down for the most-searched Thanksgiving recipes in every Southern state.

  • Alabama: Dressing
  • Arkansas: Dressing
  • Delaware: Keto brisket
  • Florida: Green bean casserole
  • Georgia: Green bean casserole
  • Kentucky: Sweet potato
  • Louisiana: Chicken soup
  • Maryland: Fritatta
  • Mississippi: Dressing
  • Missouri: Sweet potato
  • North Carolina: Dressing
  • Oklahoma: Dressing
  • South Carolina: Sweet potato casserole
  • Tennessee: Dressing
  • Texas: Cornbread dressing
  • Virginia: Green beans
  • Washington, D.C.: Cookies
  • West Virginia: Roast turkey

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Clearly, our neck of the woods loves their Thanksgiving dressing and casserole recipes. While we can't say we quite get the "keto brisket" obsession, it's certainly interesting to see the ketogenic diet trend make it onto the list. And Louisiana's love for chicken soup come Turkey Day is certainly intriguing.

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