This is the ‘official’ beer of Ohio -- do you agree?

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Dayton is a city that loves beer, makes beer, and is proud of its beer.

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That’s why we’ve got to discuss this: some folks at Thrillist took it upon themselves to designate the “official beers” of all 50 states.

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We appreciate their effort, but being the commensurate beer drinkers we are in this city, we have some questions about their methods.

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Ohio's "state beer" is Great Lakes Christmas Ale from Cleveland. It's a winter ale with 7.5% ABV.

Here’s what Thrillist had to say about the beer:

"Great Lakes is the brewery that put Cleveland on the path to becoming one America's best beer cities. And sure, it's a seasonal (if you don't like that call, go ahead and pretend we picked Eliot Ness), but the fact of the matter is that Christmas Ale has become as synonymous with holidays in Ohio as Ralphie shooting his eyes out. It's like a mirror image of Oberon in Michigan, a wintertime release basically everybody looks forward to, and everyone has a memory of. A hazy one, but a memory nonetheless."

So, what do you think? Good call or nah?

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