Three things Chad Lowe said about Dayton

Chad Lowe has buckets of love for his hometown.

The Dayton native said as much after throwing the first pitch — he brought the heat — on July 13 before the Dayton Dragons' matchup with the Lansing Lugnuts.

“I take a lot of pride in being from Dayton,” he said. “The people here are really extraordinary, creative, but also caring.”

The Emmy-winning actor and director participated in a celebrity event over the weekend as part of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cincinnati.

He told his dad, Dayton lawyer Charles “Chuck” Lowe, that it would be a dream come true to throw out the first pitch at a Dragons game.

“I guess he made a call and made it work,” Chad said.

Chad Lowe has had roles on "Life Goes On," "ER," "Melrose Place," "24" and currently "Pretty Little Liars."

Like his older brother Rob, Chad attended Oakwood Junior High School before moving to Malibu, Calif.

Here are a few things Chad told us about Dayton and its people:

Where do you “have to” eat when you come to town?

“A Marion’s pizza is a must. We go to either the Pine Club or the Oakwood Club. We will go to the (Golden Nugget) Pancake House to get some pancakes. You’ve got to go down to the Pancake House to get some pancakes. Then I like to go up to Sidney, Ohio, where my grandparents lived.

"My grandfather (Robert Hepler) owned a restaurant called The Spot Restaurant, and it is still there. It is just an extraordinary experience — homemade pies, homemade ground beef."

What do people need to know about Daytonians?

“The people of Dayton, Ohio represent the best of our country. They are conscientious, they are caring, they are intellectuals. There is a saying in Hollywood or New York that these are the flyover states, and I have to remind people that I am from a quote unquote flyover state and people I know from that flyover state are some of the smartest, most dynamic people I have ever met and ever known.”

How often do you get back to town?

“Not enough.”

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