Tired of clutter? 5 quick tips that will help you get rid of stuff

A garage organized by The Home Edit. (The Home Edit)

Decluttering your home, but not sure where to get started? That's what we asked Dayton native Rose Lounsbury, a minimalism and simplicity coach, speaker, and author of the Amazon bestselling "Less: Minimalism for Real."

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Here are a few ideas to help you get started, in Lounsbury’s own words:

Tip #1 - Start in the bathroom

Often, what’s holding us back is our feelings and emotions about our stuff, and those are difficult. Maybe we spent money on that item and never used it, so we feel bad… The bathroom is a great place to start because most of us don't have strong emotional connections to toothpaste or old makeup. It’s an easy place to start because it’s under your jurisdiction and it's not emotional for most people.

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Tip #2 - Ask “Is this useful or beautiful to me?”

When you go through your belongings, ask very seriously: “Is this useful or beautiful to me?” Those were the parameters that I looked at when I was sorting everything from coffee mugs and sweaters, to tools in the garage and paperwork.

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Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Tip #3 - Declutter as you're walking through your normal day

I did not have much free time in my life at all, so I just picked away at it every single little spare moment that I could. After the kids were in bed and I would do a little here or there. These were not huge projects. I would organize the junk drawer or deal with my towels… I think sometimes people think that they need to dedicate a set time period to do this, and you really don't.

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Tip #4 - Just deal with your own stuff

I tell people not to worry about your spouse or your children, just deal with your own stuff. Not only will you make a significant difference in your home and in the way you feel, but you also set an example for your family to follow… I say: “Be the change you wish to see in your home.”

Tip #5 - Think before you buy 

The sobering truth is that everything ends up in the trash someday… It makes you check yourself at the cash register. That’s where you stop overconsumption is at the source … the point when you purchase it. A natural byproduct of going through this process is you become a more conscious consumer as a result.

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