Warped Yoga returns after hiatus due to pandemic

Warped Yoga is about more than poses or breathwork – it’s about community.

“The heart of it is really bringing people together,” said holistic personal trainer Matt Parente. “We hone in on the community aspect – it’s about moving our bodies and being able to socialize and see people.”

The pandemic was challenging for Parente’s Humble Warrior business – which strives to support those in their pursuit of an active, happy, healthy life – but enabled him to shift his focus.

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“It gave me the opportunity to focus on my home life and for us to really come together as a family,” he said. “The pandemic took away so much from so many, you really appreciate being able to come together.”

Warped Wing Brewing Company has hosted Parente’s Warped Yoga for several years, but COVID restrictions and concern for the health and well-being of the community meant a several month hiatus for the popular yoga practice. But the practice is back – being held regularly on the third Sunday of the month at Downtown Dayton Taproom.

“I think we all need a break and a change of scenery,” Parente said. “I really missed the group energy, having lots of people in one space, all together, for the same purpose.”

It’s a welcome return for the brewery as well.

“Being able to host events here at the brewery is definitely something we have missed and are excited to bring back to a part of our Taproom experience with the restrictions slowly being lifted and amended,” marketing director Tara Michel said. “It’s awesome to be able to give back to a community that shows us such amazing support.”

Precautions are still being taken as capacity is currently being capped at 20 and masks are being worn to and from the participant’s socially-distanced mats. While the guidelines are subject to change, the expansive space is ideal for those wanting to safely rejoin group fitness.

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“There is a lot of room, high ceilings and great air circulation, especially when the garage doors are open,” he said.

The all-level classes are geared toward beginners, but all are welcome as modifications can be made to create a less or more challenging practice.

Togetherness is only one of the many benefits of Warped Yoga. From physical benefits, like improved balance and increased flexibility, to emotional benefits, like reduced stress, yoga is good for the body and mind.

“It also has a significant impact on attention span,” Parente said. “I find I can sit down, pay attention and be better able to focus, no matter what distractions there are. It enables you to put more quality into whatever endeavor you pursue.”

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Warped Yoga

What: All-level yoga practice with Matt Parente

Where: Warped Wing Brewing Company, 26 Wyandot St., Dayton

When: Third Sunday of the month, 10-11 a.m.

Cost: $20 includes yoga and a post-practice beverage

More: Sign up for emails at www.humblewarriorlife.com or follow The Humble Warrior on Instagram and Facebook

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