Jim Bucher captured the moment a couple was engaged on Dublin Pub's St. Patrick's Day stage on Thursday, March, 18 2016.  

Watch man pop the question on Dublin Pub's St. Patrick's Day stage

Brazil native Valdemar "Dema" Santana, 29, surprised University of Dayton engineering student Mackenzie Alexis Reed with the big question in front of much of her family and hundreds of St. Patrick's Day fanatics on Thursday, March 17.

The London, Ohio couple met through one of Mackenzie’s friends and started dating three years ago.

Mackenzie said she sensed that Dema was up to something because he was behaving strangely.

“I figured something was up, but I wouldn’t guess it would be this,” the Eaton native said.

Mckenzie thought it had to do with her 22nd birthday, which is today.

That thought was in her head when she was called to the stage after a group of Irish dancers performed.

From the stage, Mackenzie noticed her mother, father, stepmother and stepfather come to the forward with a banner that read 'Will you marry me?'

Her aunt and grandmother from Florida were also there to see the whole thing unfold.

“It was a little bit nervewracking, but it was exciting,” Mackenzie said of the experience.

The whole idea of being engaged in such a grand way is still soaking in.

"I was surprised definitely,” she said. “He did a pretty great job. I asked him if he entertained people before because he was comfortable on the stage.”

Were you there to see the magic moment?

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