5 things Dave Chapelle got right about Prince in classic basketball sketch. 

5 ways Dave Chappelle nailed his classic Prince sketch

 It's not new news that Yellow Springs-based comedian Dave Chappelle totally had the Purple One nailed in his show’s 2004 "True Hollywood Story” sketch, based on comedian Charlie Murphy’s memories of Prince.

Prince said he loved the segment and confirmed several times that Murphy's story was true. (By the way, Charlie's brother is actor and comedian Eddie Murphy.)

His 2013 single "Breakfast Can Wait" pays tribute to the famed blouses vs. shirts sketch in a sexy Prince kind of way.

Prince died Thursday. 

Here are five things Chappelle's sketch clearly got right.

Prince was a b-baller

He was a member of the Bryant Junior High basketball team and even coached a grade-school basketball team at church when he was a kid.

Prince wore what he wanted

Prince did sort of wear Zorro-type outfits in the '80s, as Murphy said in the sketch. But you know what? He looked cool.

Prince liked to party 

Prince knew how to throw an afterparty and parties at Paisley Park, his compound, and his other venues and homes are legendary. Prince is said to have been a fantastic host.

Prince hung out with Micki Free

The Grammy Award-winning guitarist for Shalamar commented on Prince’s passing on Facebook:

“I am numb as the world is, I loved Prince and the times we hung, when we ruled Hollywood hanging at Tramps with Eddie & Charlie Murphy in Beverly Hills....and all the fantastic jams at Sunset Sound, I will never forget when you flew me to Minnesota to hang and audition for your group Maserati with Brown Mark, how you teased when you saw my then wife actress "Teri Copley" pregnant with my daughter Anastasia; "What's that under your dress, a basketball"!? you joked!...and when you asked me to be in your new movie "The Coco Boy's", when I recorded your song "We Can Funk" for you, and the infamous Dave Chappelle skit....ALL TRUE AS WE KNOW MY BROTHER!......to many memories to state, and wishing today was just a bad dream....let's play basketball in heaven. RIP PURPLE ONE....Micki Free”

The entertainment site VLADTV wrote a story about  it.

Prince served great pancakes

Charlie Murphy loved them.

“They were good, man. They were really good. They were actually perfect,” Murphy told Las Vegas Review-Journal last year. “They were as good as he played guitar.”