Journalists from the combined Dayton Daily News, WHIO and newsroom share photos of and messages about their moms.

Why we think our moms are the best. Now tell us about yours ...

Some of the staff from Dayton Daily News, WHIO and share why their mothers are the best. Now it’s your turn.

Journalists are people, too. 

Proof of that is that we love our moms to pieces. 

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’ve pulled together a collection of photos of journalists from the combined Dayton Daily News, WHIO and newsrooms and their mama bears. 

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Break out the tissues, it is about to get e·mo·tion·al.

Is your mom just the absolute, numero uno best? 

Share a photo of the two of you together with us on Facebook and tell us what you love most about your mom. 

Shane McKinney, the mother of WHIO-TV anchor and reporter Gabrielle Enright

Shane McKinney, the mother of Gabrielle Enright
Photo: Gabrielle Enright

Gabrielle said: 

“My mom is beautiful on the inside and out. She taught me to be independent and strong. She also nurtured my love of music, art, kids and all living creatures.”

Betty Budd, mother of Dayton Daily News reporter Larry Budd

Betty Budd, Larry Budd's mother She is the woman at the very top cheering on the College Wooster's Fighting Scots.

Larry said: 

“She looked after me. Now we look after her, although she can still hold her own. She lured me into the room for a recent surprise birthday party. 

She is one of the oldest living alumni of the College of Wooster! She has been all over the world, including five trips to Italy. She isn't afraid to share her opinion. Guess that says something about how I turned out 😊. I owe her for everything I've got.”

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Sherry Ishmael, mother of Brittany Otto, WHIO Radio news director 

Sherry Ishmael, mother of Brittany Otto
Photo: Brittany Otto

 Brittany said: 

“She is awesome because SHE IS EVERYTHING. She is the mother all of your friends claim as their own. She is compassionate, yet fierce. She is loyal, loving, honest and affectionate. She literally lights up and brings warmth to a room with her laugh and her smile. She is my mama, and my very best friend 😊.”

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Colleen Cano, mother of Kelsey Lambers, cross platform content manager for Cox Media Group Ohio.

Colleen Cano, Kelsey Lambers' mother
Photo: dan kinzie

Kelsey said: 

“I know everyone thinks they have the best mom in the world, but I really do. My mom is my best friend. She understands me more than anyone else. Whether something is weighing heavy on my mind or if there’s something exciting I want to share, my mom is the first person I want to call, and she always knows exactly what to say. She is a great grandma to my nieces, and as my husband and I prepare to welcome our first baby into the world late summer, I am so excited to see the bond she will form with her new grandchild. I am so lucky to not only have her as the best mom in the world, but also as my best friend.”

Shelley Leinasars, mother of Jenna Lawson, an all-media journalist for Cox Media Group Ohio.

Shelley Leinasars, mother of Jenna Lawson

Jenna said: 

“My mom is easily one of the biggest blessings in my life. So caring, so selfless — the list goes on. She raised me to be a strong woman, and I’ll never be able to thank her enough for that.”

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Shearly Shoemaker, mother of Dayton Daily News political editor Anthony Shoemaker

Shearly Shoemaker, mother of political editor Anthony Shoemaker
Photo: Anthony Shoemaker

Anthony said: 

“My mom is an amazing woman. She’s also very hip and stylish. Happy Mother’s Day.” 

 Peggy Larkin, mother of WHIO’s chief meteorologist Eric Elwell 

Peggy Larkin, mother of Eric Elwell

Eric said: 

“She is awesome because she has always been there for me, even when I was very afraid of storms as a kid. She helped me through my fear and inspired me to learn all I could about the weather. She is truly the reason I am where I am today.”

Mary Jablonski, mother of David Jablonski, Dayton Daily News sports writer

Mary Jablonski, the mother of David Jablonski. Photo was taken at the finish of the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus on April 27, 2018.
Photo: David Jablonski

David said:  

"My mom is awesome because she's as excited for her 11th grandchild (my first) coming this August as she was for her first 12 years ago. She's also one of the best runners in her age group in the state, if not the country. She won the Miamisburg Turkey Trot and qualified for the Boston Marathon 30 years ago."

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 Cheryl Derocher, the mother of Kristi Newton, a producer for WHIO

Cheryl Derocher, the mother of Kristi Newton
Photo: Kristi Newton

Lynne Franks, mother of reporter and social content producer Sarah Franks 

Lynne Franks, mother of Sarah Franks
Photo: Sarah Franks

Sarah said: 

“My mom is awesome because she always puts everyone else before herself. I wouldn’t be half of the person I am today without her! She never lets me leave a visit without at least 5 bags of frozen meals she’s made for me to take home. She’s the best.” 

Annie Robinson, mother of Dayton Daily News and columnist, reporter and podcast host Amelia Robinson

Annie Robinson, mother of Amelia Robinson
Photo: Amelia Robinson

Amelia said:

“My mother is a ball of fun and creativity. She is one of the strongest and most determined people in the world. I am everything I am because I am the daughter of an incredible mother. I could never pay her back.” 

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 Brenda Estepp, mother of Vinny Carozza, a breaking news investigator and social media editor for WHIO.

Brenda Estepp, mother of  Vinny Carozza
Photo: Vincent carozza

Vinny said: 

“What makes her special is she always supported me and was at every baseball, football, basketball game I ever played. Even as a single mom, she found the time to work and cheer me on every step of my life.

 Winnie Johnson, mother of anchor and reporter Kate Bartley

Winnie Johnson, mother of Kate Bartley
Photo: Kate Bartley

 Kate said: 

“My mom is incredible because she drives our family forward through sheer force of will. At one point, she was a single mother to three kids – and as of last weekend, we all graduated from college! We joke that she’s the equivalent of at least 3 or 4 normal parents. She is my strength.”

Ivalu Fisher, mother of Dayton Daily News and food and restaurants reporter Mark Fisher

Ivalu Fisher, mother of Mark Fisher. Ivalu Fisher was about 21 when this photo was taken. She was born in 1925 and died in 1998.

Mark said:

“(Ivalu) buried two husbands, one an Air Force pilot, the second a Dayton Public Schools teacher. Worked at Standard Register and State Fidelity Savings and Loan. Raised three boys. And was AWEsome.

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Maureen Collar, mother of Brett Collar

Maureen Collar holding Brett Collar (Meteorologist)
Photo: Brett Collar

 Linda Morrison, mother of sports reporter Jay Morrison

Linda Morrison, mother of sports reporter Jay Morrison. Jay Morrison (far left) is with his mother and brothers.

Jay said: 

What makes her special, beyond her unconditional love and benevolent soul, is that she is amazingly creative and passionate about scrapbooking and crafting, which means for the last few decades every birthday, anniversary and holiday has come with personalized, handcrafted cards that don’t just say ‘love,’ they illustrate it with heartfelt, intricate detail.”

Candy Zontini, mother of Kirstie Zontini, WHIO-TV morning meteorologist and podcast co-host 

Candy Zontini, mother of Kirstie Zontini
Photo: Kirstie Zontini

She’s my best friend and has always been there for me no matter how silly the question might be. She has taught Sunday School at our church since we were born and has shown me what it means to be a caring person. Her and my dad just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.

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Anna Kilburn, mother of WHIO Senior Executive TV Producer Quincy Wallace

Anna Kilburn, mother of Quincy Wallace (right)
Photo: Quincy Wallace

“My mother has had and continues to have such a powerful influence on my life. She is wonderful in every way.  She’s funny, smart, loving, loyal, patient, beautiful, honest, generous, and so very supportive. She LOVES her family with her whole heart, and we think she’s the simply the best.” 

Laura Perry, mother of reporter Alex Perry  

Laura Perry, mother of Alex Perry. Alex's children are also pictured in the the second photo.
Photo: Alex Perry

Pam Driscoll, mother of Cox Media Group Ohio reporter Kara Driscoll 

Pam Driscoll, mother of reporter Kara Driscoll. Kara is on the far left in the top photo and second from the left in the photo on the left of the second row. Kara's grandmother, sisters and niece are also pictured in the photo collage.
Photo: Kara Driscoll

Kara said: 

“Happy Mother’s Day to the best person I know, who raised three daughters to be fiercely independent, smart and empowered women. We love you.”

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