Dayton natives Stephen and Joel Levinson have partnered with Rob Kutner, a writer for the Conan O’Brien’s TBS show, for the new comedy album ‘2776.’

Why was this Dayton native on the Tonight Show?

Not only does he write, he acts as well.

Dayton native Stephen Levinson, a writer for the Tonight Show, appeared in a skit during Thursday’s show.

He was one of several actors pretending to be members of the American Badminton Team.

Levinson, who wears glasses in the skit, has a solo part.

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Levinson and his younger brother, Joel, released the comedy album “2776” in 2014. The album includes a cast of well-known artists, including Ashanti, Neko Case, Bobcat Goldthwait, Ira Glass and Dick Cavett.

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In addition, the Levinsons were speakers at TEDxDatyon in 2014.