Your wine fairy godmother recommends 3 fantastic rosés for spring

One comes from the label of Springfield’s own John Legend

Every year when April rolls around Ohioans let out a collective sigh of relief, but this year spring feels especially good. After a long, cold, pandemic-doom-filled winter, spring is finally here. Now, more important than ever before, it is patio season — that glorious time of year when restaurants allow outside dining and one can enjoy a glass of wine in the sunshine, at long last. Even better than patio season? Rosé season.

I love rosé. It’s crisp, it’s cold and it looks so pretty in a glass. There are so many fantastic rosés out there, but where to start? Sometimes picking out wine in the grocery store can make you feel a little lost. Often people will grab for the flashiest label, but that doesn’t always lend itself to the best wine. So consider me your wine fairy godmother as I offer up a few of my favorite rosés this season at various price points.

2019 Villa Wolf Rosé Noir — $12.99

I find myself reaching for this wine at the grocery time and time again. Not only is it a great value for the price, it’s everything I want in a rosé. It’s got bright berry flavors, a little hint of sweetness and it’s incredibly refreshing. You don’t find many rosés from Germany available, most comes from France or Italy. The unique region is what piqued my interest in this wine initially, but after one glass I was sold. The bright citrus flavors and the hints of sweet berries are exactly what I want to drink on a warm spring evening, especially when I’m drinking on a budget!

2019 LVE Cotes de Provence Rosé — $19.99

You have probably heard of this wine, since it’s made by everyone’s favorite Ohio guy, John Legend. But don’t let the celebrity endorsement have you fooled into thinking it’s all glitz and glitter, this wine is the real deal. A rosé from Cotes de Provence is usually my first sign that I’m going to like it. That region is basically the O.G. of pink wines, and this wine hits all the right notes. This wine is a very pale pink color, and the lightness in color translates to a light, bright wine on the palate. This wine tastes of delicate apricot and peach blossom. The floral nose and fruity flavors give this wine a certain je ne sais quoi — you’ll feel immediately transported to a swanky resort in the South of France. If only Mr. Legend could serenade you while you’re there!

Peyrassol Cuvée des Commandeurs Rosé — $24.99

Yet another wine from the same region in France, this delicate wine is a treat for a true wine lover. Made from a blend of the grapes Syrah, Grenache (my personal favorite) and Cinsault, this is a classic rosé with flavors of gooseberry and raspberry. Crisp, tart and very dry. Though this wine is the most expensive on the list, it’s still a very good price for the quality. The Peyrassol is perfect for a spring evening with friends over a plate of grilled salmon and veggies. It’s fruit forward and tastes oh so sophisticated.

Grab a few bottles to find out what you like best — maybe you like to bright pink bubblegum wines, or like me, you gravitate toward the very pale pink rosés. No matter what you grab off the shelves, you can’t go wrong. Rosés pair so well with all types of foods, from light snacks to hearty pastas and meats. Snag a few bottles with some friends and enjoy that bright sunshine while you can! Cheers!

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