‘2L8TE:’ These proposed vanity plates were too much for the Ohio BMV

Motorists are free to request personalized vanity license plates in Ohio. But they need to make sure the proposals aren’t too ... vain. Or vulgar. Or just plain ugly.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles released the latest list of proposed “special plates” it denied last year.

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The single-spaced list is 18 pages long, if that offers any notion of just how many plate ideas the BMV shot down.

Most were obscene or made all too clear reference to certain bodily functions or intimate physical activities. Creative attempts at bathroom humor did not pass muster with the state, either.

Among the 827 ideas rejected in 2021: Irate messages directed at China and certain politicians. (President Joe Biden appeared to be one particular object of some motorists’ ire.)

Rejected without comment: Nearly any and every possible take — and there were a lot of them — on the Cardi B. “WAP” single, released in 2020.

BMV decision-makers did not laugh at “LMAOFF.” “JEEP AF1″ did not make the cut. Neither did “DAMNMA.”

“LOSERR” was not a winner, as far as the OHIO BMV was concerned. And for some reason the state did not love “H8OHIO.”

“FAST A5 F” was found unacceptable. As was “BADMF9″ and “OH HI HOE.” And BMV decision-makers most decidedly frowned on any reference to any variation of the word that begins with “B” and rhymes with “itch.”

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