Best of Dayton: 20 most popular categories so far with a week left to nominate

We’re more than a week into nominations for Best of Dayton, and we’ve already seen the usual high excitement from the community in Dayton’s original reader’s choice contest.

As always, some of our categories see even more competition. We checked for the categories seeing the most action so far. See if this list spurs any thoughts on who you want to nominate.

A reminder that the number of times a person or place is nominated plays a gigantic role in who the finalists will be, and you can nominate once per day in each contest.


Check out our guidelines for more information.

» Nominations: Aug. 8-Aug. 22

» Then, we choose the finalists

» Voting: Sept. 6-26

Here’s a look at our most-nominated categories, in order of number of nominations:

  1. Best Pizza
  2. Best Bakery
  3. Best Donut Shop
  4. Best Breakfast
  5. Best Hamburger
  6. Best Family Restaurant
  7. Best Mexican Food
  8. Best Coffee Shop
  9. Best Brewery/Distillery
  10. Best Ice Cream
  11. Best Bar/Lounge
  12. Best Hair Salon/Stylist
  13. Best Hidden Gem Restaurant
  14. Best Square-Cut Pizza
  15. Best Appetizers
  16. Best Italian Food
  17. Best Japanese Food/Sushi
  18. Best Chinese Food
  19. Best Local Celebrity
  20. Best Wings