Best of Dayton: What happened on Day 1 (and how to keep nominating)

The first day of Best of Dayton nominations on Monday saw a lot of activity.

Now it’s time to keep nominating. The period for nominations goes through Monday, Aug. 22, and the number of times a person, business or place is nominated will have a gigantic impact on who becomes finalists for voting.

Here are some things we saw on the first day:

Dayton’s pizza battle continues

Just on the first day, there were 63 different places that received nominations for Best Pizza. That makes it our top-nominated contest so far.

Moving past food

Our top non-food or dining contest was Best Hair Salon/Stylist, which has dozens of individual nominees.

New options

Our top new contest for number of nominations - of the dozens of contests we’ve added this year - was Best Grocery Store.

Hottest contests

Here are the hottest contests by number of nominations so far:

• Best Pizza

• Best Donut Shop

• Best Breakfast

• Best Hamburger

• Best Coffee Shop

• Best Mexican Food

• Best Bakery

• Best Square-Cut Pizza

• Best Bar/Lounge

• Best Ice Cream

• Best Brewery/Distillery

• Best Neighborhood Bar

• Best Hair Salon/Stylist

• Best Fine Dining

• Best Wings

• Best Italian Food

• Best Restaurant to Take an Out-of-Towner

• Best Place to Buy Meats

• Best Hidden Gem Restaurant

• Best Family Restaurant