Black, orange, animal print: Dress the part for Bengals game

Area style experts offer winning ideas.

This Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs (for the second consecutive year) at the AFC Championship Game. As such, football fans will unite in sports bars, living rooms and even office gatherings to root for the Bengals. Expect viewers to nosh on Cincinatti-centric fare this weekend as well.

But what attire can you sport to show a little “Who Dey” spirit?

Dayton-area style experts offer a festive slew of ideas:

  • First of all, go for comfort. With chilly weather in the forecast for Ohio and Missouri, stick to cozy-chic pieces. Tracey Schumann, owner and buyer for Get Dressed fashion boutique in Oakwood, suggests layering your outfit. Start with a pair of cute black jeans and a T-shirt, for instance, and then add a sweater, boots and outwear in black or orange.
  • Consider your venue. “If you plan to watch the game at a sports bar, then the ideal outfit would be Bengals brand Ts and sweatshirts. You could maybe add an orange tennis shoe, or some type of orange accessory,” said Schumann. “Home with the family would be same as a sports bar! Think T-shirts and sweatshirts — any way you can work in the spirit of the team! And be sure to be comfortable, too,” added Schumann. For an office gathering, lean into a more professional and polished look. “Consider a black dress, a two-piece ensemble with a scarf, then add a piece of jewelry, an orange handbag or fun earring,” she added.

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Credit: Tom Gilliam

  • Embrace the animal print. If you flip through any fashion magazine this month, it is abundantly apparent the animal print trend is here to stay. (And did it ever really leave?) And that is fabulous news for Bengals fans. You can go all-out with the tiger print, but if the look is not your vibe, then introduce the faux fur in tiny increments. For instance, sport a bracelet. Tamara Radaker, owner of Nail Therapy in Tipp City, encouraged Who Dey aficionados to browse through Etsy to find artists who can create charm bracelet sets with tiger prints.

Credit: Etsy Photo

Credit: Etsy Photo

  • Get creative. Terry Summers, an avid Bengals fan who, in the past, worked as a buyer/sales associate for such high-end fashion boutiques as L’Affaire in Oakwood and Elan in Kettering, said she has worn a costume inspired by the musical “Cats” for game day.

  • Shop your closet. For last-minute panache, the style experts suggest looking at what you already own: black boots, leggings, handbags, tights, etc. Then add a touch of orange. Tie an orange or animal print scarf, for instance, on a handbag. Or sport an orange beret for an easy streak of style.

One last final fashion note: Finish your Bengals best look with a nifty pair of aviator sunglasses and summon the spirit of Joe Burrow, the coolest quarterback in the NFL.

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