Clothes That Work’s 2021 Men at Work campaign most successful in its history

Tyler Greenwood named 2021 Ambassador of the Year

Clothes That Work’s 2021 Men at Work campaign raised over $40,000 to support the organization’s programs and services. The nonprofit organization also named Tyler Greenwood from The Greentree Group as the 2021 Clothes That Work Ambassador of the Year.

This year, 25 local businessmen and community leaders participated to campaign as Role Models for votes to earn the title of Ambassador of the Year. Each vote purchased was a $5 donation to the organization, whose mission is to help local job seekers secure gainful employment by providing interview-appropriate clothing and personalized confidence-building/image services.



In fact, the 2021 Role Models earned the most votes ever received during the annual Men at Work campaign. Collectively, the men received 5,887 votes, and when combined with sponsorships and special event revenue, they raised over $40,000. In particular, Greenwood received 2,266 votes, personally raising $11,330, setting a new record for a Men at Work winner.

Greenwood also received the “First Impressions Award” and “Casually Cool Award.” Mark Brewer from Retail Resource received the “Workplace Image Award.”

“The dedication, enthusiasm and hard work from all of the Role Models helps us make a difference in the lives of our clients,” said Cindy Garner, Clothes That Work executive director, in a news release. “We raised over $40,000 making it our most successful campaign ever. Every dollar of the money raised goes directly to the Clothes That Work mission to clothe, educate and empower individuals to prepare them for employment success and help build a stronger Dayton workforce. This campaign inspires our job seekers and shows them that being a Role Model is attainable for them as well.”

Men at Work was created seven years ago. For years, Clothes That Work mostly served women, but today, men make up more than 58 percent of the organization’s clients. Collectively, Men at Work has generated over $190,000 to support the organization’s mission.

Clothes That Work has helped over 34,000 men, women and independent teens since its inception 23 years ago.

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