Dayton songwriter Jesse Remnant releases impressive second solo album



Being a Jesse Remnant fan can be frustrating. He’s one of my favorite Dayton songwriters but the long wait between releases is excruciating. However, I’m pleased to report he’s back with the incredible “Another Freak of the Flood.”

The area native’s second solo album was self-released May 5. It’s his first offering since the 2018 EP “Barrett School” from Rex Apple, a one-off project with Kyle Melton of Smug Brothers. His other stellar releases are his solo debut, “The Human Cannonball” (2008), and “Let’s Be Friends” (2012) from his band Human Cannonball.

Remnant, who moved back to Dayton in July 2022 after a decade in Columbus, handled lead vocals and most of the instrumentation on the album. Featured guests include Emily Remnant and Jon Helm on backing vocals (“Freaks of the Flood”), Colin Croom on pedal steel guitar (“I Am Aware”) and Ryan Stolte-Saw on piano (“New Brighton”).

Remnant recently discussed “Another Freak of the Flood.”

Mellow mood: “This album is different. Don’t expect another Human Cannonball album. It’s not completely out of my realm but it’s a bit more subdued. It’s a bit more lyric-focused but there are also some instrumental songs. I wanted to focus on feelings and vibes more than pop melodies and structures. There’s still a lot of melody, I can’t help myself, but it’s a more introspective album.”

Hitting his stride: “I’ve been compiling some songs over the last 12 years, but I didn’t feel like I had the motivation until the pandemic hit and I started working from home. Like so many other artists, I found myself around my instruments more. Having a bit more time at home allowed me to play more. I was also listening to more music that inspired me. I wasn’t necessarily doing that when I was going into the office. It felt like a creative peak for me. I couldn’t stop making stuff and I was really enjoying it. I thought I’d put it out at the end of 2020 but that didn’t happen.”

Check out the track “Slow Motion” from “Another Freak of the Flood”:

Final push: “I got about seven songs in and then took a couple of days off and never picked it back up until last year. I was like, ‘This is worth pursuing and finishing,’ so I really hunkered down and made sure I finished something I was happy with. I’m trying to be a little less scrutinizing of myself about putting something perfect out. I just wanted to make something in the moment and be happy with it for what it is.”

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