Downtown Dayton parking: There’s an app for that now

City’s mobile app parking system is now active, while coin and credit card meters remain

Visitors can now pay for street parking at more than 1,300 spaces in downtown Dayton using a mobile app.

Signs went up months ago advertising the new digital payment method, but the system has just come online.

Drivers can pay for parking using the Passport Parking app on their smartphones.

“With the Passport technology, Dayton is dramatically improving the street-parking experience for customers,” City Manager Shelley Dickstein said in a statement. “The city will also manage street parking operations more efficiently under a single, centralized system.”

Consumers need to create an account using an email address or phone number and they can pay electronically with a credit or debit card.

Drivers only need to enter a few details about the zones where they are parked and parking-space identifiers posted at the parking sites, the city said.

Using the app, drivers can extend their parking sessions remotely and they can receive alerts about when their sessions will expire.

“Dayton residents, workers and visitors can now enjoy what downtown Dayton has to offer without having to dig for loose change or thinking twice about a parking meter running out of time,” Mark Schleyer, Passport regional sales director said in a statement. “Passport is excited to partner with Dayton to enhance the customer experience.”

Meters will continue to accept the coins and credit cards they previously did, for those who prefer that approach.

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