Extra Super Bowl patrols: ‘Buzzed driving is still drunk driving,’ sergeant says

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Extra officers will be out on patrol for Super Bowl Sunday looking to intercept impaired drivers.

Sgt. Gordon Cairns, supervisor of the Dayton Police Department’s traffic services unit, urged residents to drink responsibly.

“Plan to use a designated driver or use some sort of rideshare or taxi service to get you back home or to your location safely,” he said.

And for those hosting a Super Bowl party, Cairns said to “please have a plan in place for your guests so they can get home safely.”

Dayton officers will have additional patrols, funded through state grants, to help keep the streets safe, he said.

“Buzzed driving is still drunk driving. and drugged driving, to include the use of marijuana, is still considered an OVI and will have the same repercussions as OVI,” he said.

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