Fort Recovery tornado reaches wind speeds up to 115 mph

The National Weather Service in Wilmington released a report confirming a tornado near Fort Recovery in Mercer County. The tornado was designated as an EF2, with maximum wind speeds of around 115 mph. The tornado lasted from about 4:12 p.m. to 4:25 p.m. on June 18.

The first signs of damage from the tornado were observed just east of the Indiana and Ohio state line. Trees were snapped along Park Road, which indicated damage from an EF0 tornado. The tornado, moving southeast, appeared to have briefly lifted and touched down in a wheat field between St. Joe Road and Wabash Road, leaving a noticeable swirl, the NWS said.

As the tornado continued to move, it intensified, lifting several roofs off of small buildings, including the Fort Recovery Lumber Yard. The NWS also reported a collapsed cinder block wall at the lumber yard, which is consistent with damage from an EF1 tornado, the NWS said.

The tornado continued to move southeast through wooded areas near Wabash Road and Fort Recovery-Minster Road. The NWS saw damage to hardwood trees in the area. Across Fort Recovery-Minster Road, the NWS found more small buildings with a partially-removed roof and more damaged trees.

As the tornado moved closer to Burrville Road and Hart Road, damage grew more severe. Multiple homes along Burrville Road sustained heavy roof damage, including total removal of over half the roof of a single family home, the NWS said. Surveyors also noticed several small buildings such as sheds completely destroyed. They also saw attached garages removed, substantial tree damage and projectiles embedded in a building’s exterior wall.

Several power poles were broken along Burrville Road and debris from the area was thrown about half a mile, which broke more wood poles along Wourms Road. Surveyors saw the most significant tree damage along Wourms Road, with several hardwood trees snapped or knocked over. The damage was consistent with a low-end EF2 tornado, with wind speeds about 115 mph, the NWS said.

The tornado rapidly weakened as it moved southeast towards Fox Road and Meiring Road. The only damage surveyors found was minor damage to a small building and partial removal of a silo in the area.

No injuries or fatalities were reported in the tornado. The tornado reported traveled about 5.7 miles with a path about 200 yards wide, the NWS said.

The NWS worked with the Mercer County Emergency Management Agency and the Fort Recovery Fire Department to confirm the twister.

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