How do you pronounce Clyo Road? Reddit users answer that and other street and city pet peeves



A recent question posted on a Dayton subreddit thread asked, “How do you pronounce Clyo Rd?”

The post elicited almost 100 comments in less than a day. Responders to the post expanded the question, offering up other places in the region with debatable pronunciations.

Here are a few from the list and some reader answers on how they pronounce them.

Clyo Road

“Kly oh”

“Cly (like fly with a c) - O.”

“KL-lie-oh for me. Welcome to the area!”

“Like Ohio. Cleye o.”

“Washington Township Fire Department does indeed pronounce it as “Kly-Oh”

Waterviliet Avenue

“Water-vill-eat forever!”

“The first time I heard someone pronounced it, they called it “Water-vill-et” so that’s how I say it lol.”


Heincke Road

“Used to work with someone who had that as her last name. She told me it’s pronounced like the beer, but without the N.”

“When I moved to the area, I had heard someone pronounce it “Hi-neh-key” and never looked closely at the spelling until years later. I still don’t know whether or not that’s correct.”

Maue Road

“I actually don’t know how this one is pronounced. I say it like the Hawaiian island”

Forrer Boulevard

“I pronounce it Forr-errr.”


Siebenthaler Road

“See Ben Thaller (rhymes with Taller).”

Rahn Road


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