Longtime friends launch locally produced video podcast



Program features comedy, music and guests

Music has always bonded longtime friends Jim Hamden and Tony Herdman. Over the years, they’ve seen countless bands together, spent hours talking music and even organized music festivals together. They recently launched the new Hamden-hosted video podcast, “Everything Under the Sun.”

The program features stand-up comedians and other guests but it’s understandably heavy on music. Recent and future interview subjects include Dayton music icons such as singer-songwriter Sharon Lane and reggae artist Tom “Seefari” Carroll. Chris Houser of Dayton-based jam band the Werks is featured on episode four, which premieres on YouTube on Friday, April 2.

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Hamden and Herdman recently discussed “Everything Under the Sun.”

Herdman: “I’ve always loved video. I did it in high school and college, but I got away from it, got into music and went in that direction. I’ve always wanted to blend the two and I always had this idea of creating a studio where we could do video production as well. I never had all the pieces come together but then with everything going on in the past year, obviously, everybody had more time to do things they always wanted to do. I decided to build my basement into a production facility that caters to musicians for professional ProTools and audio and then blend it with the 4K video.”

Hamden: “I’ve always wanted to do the podcast thing. I’ve been thinking about it for four or five years. I don’t really have the equipment to do it right but I knew Tony does. And, you can tell, as you watch, the transformation we’ve already made in two short months from the first one to the one we did with Sharon and the one we’re doing next with Khrys Blank.”

Herdman: “We assembled a group of friends and talented people. We’ve got Johnny Dread doing our audio and Jimmy Cummings from Buckeye Music Magazine is doing our photography and web stuff.

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Hamden: “My brother, Jeff, is helping with engineering.”

Herdman: Jimmy is doing the interviews and I’m doing the videos through my Fresh Air Entertainment. The idea is to get content out there for people to see and watch.

Hamden: “The music scene in southwestern Ohio is one of the best in the country. My goal is to showcase that talent. I love music and the two music guests we’ve had were amazing because it felt like they were playing a gig. It felt so good to give them a chance to play again and to get to do this with one of my best friends is a bonus-and-a-half.”

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