Miamisburg joins other schools working with nonprofit to link community to students in need

Neighborhood Bridges is already in local schools like Mad River, Lebanon and Lakota.

Miamisburg schools have begun working with a charity that a handful of other area school districts partner with to link up students in need with community resources.

The program, Neighborhood Bridges, aids school counselors, teachers, social workers and administrators in meeting needs for at-risk and underprivileged students, Miamisburg school administrators said.

Miamisburg superintendent Laura Blessing said in August that the program would allow the community to directly support specific needs for students. For example, if a student needed a bike or to help pay for a credit recover class, someone could step up and help them.

Needs might include food, clothing, shoes, coats, eye exams, school supplies, school fees, furniture, household items and household expenses.

Miamisburg has already posted and filled several needs on their community site, including gym shoes for a middle school boy and noise canceling headphones for a Miamisburg High School senior.

Blessing said the community already steps up and supports the schools monetarily, but this would be a more direct way for students to be supported.

“The Neighborhood Bridges really hones in on those specific needs that a family may have,” Blessing said.

Other school districts are already using the program to connect their students with the community members who might be able to help them. For example, Mad River posts needs like asking for cold weather clothing for a teenage girl, or extra school supplies for teachers to hand out to students.

Mad River spokeswoman Jenny Alexander said the district has had it for about a year.

“So many students and families have benefited from this ‘neighborhood’ organization.,” Alexander said. “I know we struggled in the past to meet everyone’s needs but Bridges helps bridge that gap and gives us the necessary tools to supply needed resources to our community.”

How do donate

To check out the website, go to and click on the community you’re interested in.

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