New Ohio COVID-19 dashboard shows delta, other variants

A new Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard that shows the different variants detected in Ohio indicates the delta variant could be on the decline in the Buckeye State.

The dashboard shows what proportion of positive COVID-19 PCR tests are different variants, including alpha or delta, over a two-week period. The data starts at the two-week period ending July 3.

For the two-week period ending on Sept. 11, 73.83% of the COVID-19 specimens collected were the delta variant, according to ODH. Other variants made up 26.05% and the alpha variant, Ohio’s previous dominant variant, accounted for 0.12%.

From Aug. 13 to 28, 90.63% of the specimens collected were attributed to the delta variant, 0.22% to Alpha, 0.17% to gamma and 8.97% to other variants.

The highest of proportion of the delta variant was reported from Aug. 1 through 14, when 93.42% of the specimens were delta, 0.57% were Alpha, 0.21% were gamma. 0.14% was iota and 5.56% were other, according to ODH.

The dashboard pulls data from the genomic sequencing of positive PCR tests. The test must have enough of a sample leftover after testing and enough to the virus detected to be able to sequence, according to ODH. As a result, the state cannot determine the variant of some positive tests.

The process of collecting the sample, testing it, sequencing and then reporting it can also take a minimum of three to four weeks, according to the state.

ODH will update the dashboard on Mondays with the most recent biweekly data.

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