Ohio could get more of the rapid tests that showed DeWine positive for coronavirus

The style of rapid coronavirus test that Gov. Mike DeWine took on the tarmac before greeting President Donald Trump on Thursday morning could become more widely available in Ohio following a group purchasing agreement with six other states intending to buy a total 3.5 million rapid tests.

DeWine announced Wednesday the state’s plan to enter a multi-state purchasing agreement with Maryland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia to expand the use of rapid point-of-care tests.

These rapid tests aren’t as accurate as the more common tests where a nasal swap is sent to a lab, in fact, laboratory results were negative for DeWine’s second test administered Thursday in Columbus, according to a release Thursday night from his office.

However, with lab backups and the urgency to getting quick results with a highly contagious virus, public health experts say there’s a place for both types of tests in the overall strategy to stamping out sparks of outbreak.

DeWine said the states are joining together to ramp up the use of this type of test in order to “detect outbreaks sooner with faster turnaround time; expand testing in congregate settings such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities; and make testing more accessible for the most high-risk and hard-hit communities.”

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