Ohio reports more than 1,000 COVID cases for first time in nearly 2 months

Ohio reported more than a thousand cases of coronavirus for the first time in nearly two months on Tuesday.

The last time the state recorded more than 1,000 cases a day was in late May as cases and hospitalizations were decreasing.

The state recorded 1,317 daily cases, more than double the 543 cases reported Monday, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Ohio’s 21-day average rose by more than 50 cases from 483 cases a day on Monday to 537 cases a day. In the last week, the state is averaging 778 cases a day.

On Monday, ODH Chief Medical Officer Bruce Vanderhoff said the delta variant, which shows signs of being more contagious than other variants, is likely leading the increase in cases.

With the delta variant spreading throughout the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed some masking guidelines, recommending that even vaccinated people return to wearing masks while indoors in areas where COVID is surging, the Associated Press reported.

“There are really two ways to protect yourself and others from COVID-19,” Vanderhoff said Monday. “Vaccination is the best way, but if you choose not to or cannot be vaccinated masking with layered safety measures is also a very good way to protect yourself and others.”

Ohio reported 127 hospitalizations Tuesday, nearly three times its 21-day average of 43. Before Tuesday, the most hospitalizations reported in a in Ohio for the last three weeks was 66, according to ODH.

A dozen ICU admissions were recorded in the last day in Ohio.

The state reported 23 deaths on Tuesday, bringing its total to 20,490, according to ODH.

Death data can fluctuate because other states do not regularly report death certificate data to Ohio’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. The day a death is reported does not reflect the day the death took place.

Nearly 49% of Ohioans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Tuesday and more than 45.75% have finished the vaccine.

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