Ohio Task Force 1 searching for, assisting Ida survivors in New Orleans area

Ohio Task Force 1 is continuing to assist Hurricane Ida survivors, focusing on identifying and helping lost or trapped people in the Kenner, Louisiana, and New Orleans area Tuesday.

The task force established a base in the Kenner area Tuesday before starting on the day’s mission of performing wide-area searches, according to the OH-TF1 Facebook page.

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“Wide area search activities focus on ‘Rapid Searches,’ which include identifying and assisting lost or trapped people and then giving a detailed assessment of the community’s needs back to local and national authorities,” the post read. “One of the primary obstacles community leaders face is establishing the community’s actual needs.”

The wide-area searches help the affected communities start getting back to normal while also deploying rescue teams to the area, according to OH-TF1.

Though communication is still limited as result of utility issues, the task force is safe and in good spirits, the Facebook post read.

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Hundreds of thousands of people are without power, including all of New Orleans, as communities work to clear debris and repair damage, according to the Associated Press. Homes and businesses outside New Orleans also reported major flooding and damage.

At least four people have died in Louisiana and Mississippi as a result of the storm, AP reported.

Based in Dayton, OH-TF1 includes team members from both the private and public sectors and includes career and part-time fire personnel, law enforcement officers, emergency medical and hospital personnel, structural engineers and other professionals.

This time, the task force was activated as a 45-member Type III urban search and rescue team, which includes a full equipment cache, including water rescue equipment, a 16-person water rescue team and canine search teams. The team left its base in Vandalia on Friday night.

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