Rapper Eman Jones takes unselfish approach to music



Dayton rapper Eman Jones has been releasing material for years but really shifted into overdrive in 2020. He dropped the new full-length, “Scary Season 2,” on Oct. 31, seven months after a three-song EP with R&B singer Luther Suede. Jones remains dedicated to promoting area artists like Suede, Young Vader and Yvnn, who recently held court at a table outside of Canal Street Deli in downtown Dayton.

Jones: “When I started out everybody was selfish and acting like they couldn’t help. When I started doing my own thing and started making my own connections, I figured out how to maneuver with others. There’s always an open door and it’s not just for one person. We can get a lot of people through if we maneuver right.”

Suede: “It’s good to have somebody who has been at a high level and has connections but isn’t selfish, who shares resources with artists with less resources. Eman put out his hand to help and that’s opened more opportunities. It’s been real dope.”

Jones: “I like Luther’s grind, the way he handles everything himself. He’s young and pushing forward, not waiting for nobody. That’s what you’ve got to have. I gravitate toward that and he’s a dope as heck R&B singer. We don’t have a lot of guys like him in Dayton. Yvnn is another dope R&B singer. I met her off Luther’s Instagram stories. He posted a song and I’m like, ‘Bro, who is that?’ It was the first song she had recorded, a song called ‘Gravity,’ and it wasn’t out.”

Yvnn: “The first time we met, Eman thought I was somebody else. It was funny but we really clicked through the music. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now but this year I was like, ‘I’m going to stop putting it to the side. Let’s get it.’ It feels really great.”

Jones: “I’ve known Vader since first grade. He was doing music before me. He was always putting songs on MySpace. I wasn’t rapping at that time. Vader really forced me to rap. He’s doing things at a high level and he developed connections. We’ve got the same mindset. We vibe and put our heads together. We help each other so we’ve got it going now.”

Vader: “There’s a lot of dope talent in Dayton but it’s like every man for himself. Eman is actually linking people up. People don’t have anything to be selfish about but it’s improving. We’ve got to do our job of being visible on social media, sharing knowledge and bringing people together.”

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