The Neon’s fundraising campaign exceeds expectations

Campaign ends to replace two projectors and sound systems.

Credit: Photo: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Photo: Amelia Robinson

The Neon’s recent fundraising campaign “Projecting Our Future,” an endeavor to replace its two projectors and sound systems, was a success.

According to organizers, the campaign raised $113,000, surpassing the initial goal of $85,000.

“The campaign’s lead gift of $50,000 by the Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation of the Dayton Foundation was key to launching the start of the campaign,” said Steve Budd, Neon board chair in a release.

“Because we met our stretch goal, the Neon will be able to go bigger and better,” said Jonathan McNeal, Neon general manager in a release. “The initial plan was to buy digital projectors with xenon bulbs, but we will now upgrade to laser technology. Though the cost for these projectors is higher on the front end, there are significant savings over time. Energy costs for running the projectors will be cut in half, and there will be no need to change bulbs - a costly endeavor, sometimes done twice a year. With lasers, the film patrons will see improved color and contrast as well as longer-lasting brightness.”

During COVID closures, the Neon made several changes for the health and safety of its patrons. In addition to re-strategizing traffic flow in the lobby by building new counters and adding a new point of sale, bathrooms were remodeled to become hands-free. Air recirculation units with HEPA filtration and UV light technology, the same systems used by Cleveland Clinic, were added to the lobby and both auditoriums.

Due to such costly changes, the Neon recognized the need for additional finances and remain grateful for the community support.

“The Neon has a strong, loyal base of supporters who believe in our mission,” McNeal added. “These supporters appreciate what we bring to the Dayton landscape, and they were eager to help. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

The Neon is located at 130 E. Fifth St., Dayton.

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