WATCH: Bob Ross plush dolls test out Kings Island’s Orion giga coaster

The Joy of Painting artist Bob Ross got to enjoy the joy of an adrenaline rush — or at least the plush version of him — and take a ride on Kings Island’s Orion.

With the park scheduled to open to the general public next week, the Bob Ross plush dolls helped the park test out the giga coaster.

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The Orion is one of seven giga coasters in the world, according to the amusement park, and includes a top speed of 91 mph and more than 5,300 feet of track.

The ride was named USA Today’s best new attraction last year. The Bob Ross plushes appeared to agree, smiling throughout the entire ride.

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The plushes will be prizes at some of the park’s midway games this year.

Kings Island is schedule to open Saturday to Gold and Platinum passholders on Saturday and to the general public on May 15. For more information, visit

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