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Welcome to’s Best of Dayton contest.'s Best of Dayton contest is a way for our site visitors to informally express their opinions about their favorite local entertainment options.

The main goal with our contest is to have fun and create something for the community to be excited about.

>> How to have your say in’s Best of Dayton poll

Please don't mistake it for market research or scientific opinion polling.


Nominees in each category that appear on the final ballot are chosen by the amount of nominations received from our readers. If your business gets left out of the voting, please don't take it personally.

Nominations will be accepted from Nov. 5-26, 2018. The only thing you need to participate is a valid email address.

Nominations are unlimited. You can nominate as many people, places, things and businesses as you would like throughout the entire nomination process.

And yes, you can nominate yourself or your own business.


Once the nomination period concludes, we will assemble the final ballots and voting will commence.

Final voting will run Dec. 5-26, 2018.

Voting is restricted to one vote per day per individual contest.

You can vote as many days of the poll as you would like and in as many of the contests you’d like.

Totals registered by our servers will be considered final.

Oh yeah, if a nominee or finalist decides to cheat — like using some sort of automated voting — we reserve the right to delete you from the list of nominees, reset our poll to zero votes at an arbitrary time or eliminate a finalist from the final results. How we decide to do this is up to us, but nominees getting many votes per minute will be prime suspects, as will those getting all their votes from too few IP addresses.

We also reserve the right to remove you as a nominee in any future similar contests sponsored by or our company's other sites and publications.

Best of Dayton 2017 winners


It's not cheating to promote yourself and ask people to vote for you!

Post it in your business, on your website or social media page, in an email newsletter — or if you're really wild, say it on a sandwich board. Just make sure to tell people the voting's on and how to get involved!


Winners will be announced in January. Sign up for our What to Love newsletter to be the first to know the results.


If you or your business wins your category, we're fine with you advertising that you were voted "Best of Dayton" in your category, just as long as you mention that the voting was on Put it on signs, coasters, tattoos or menus — everyone should know how good you are.

Winners and second-place and third-place finalists will receive window clings to display in their businesses.

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