21 New Year’s wishes for Dayton as we head into 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, Dayton area Facebook users are sharing wishes for the Gem City. Here are 21 to ring in 2021.

1) “As a proud Dayton native my hope is that we use the resources that we have in the area to become sustainable. Be as innovative as the Wrights, Kettering, and Frei. But most importantly insure that our children have equality through education, nutrition, housing and various opportunities. And remember to live your best life now.”― Hertia Mims

2) “(Fewer) overdoses and more help for the addicts.” ― Anna Mallets

3) “West side grocery stores.” ― Annette L Willis

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4) “As a community during the tornados and the mass shootings. We came together! Dayton strong! I want the unity back!” ― Susan Rehmert

5) That the shop local spirit lives on beyond the holidays and our community of small businesses and entrepreneurs thrives.” ― Audrey Ingram

6) “That the City’s phrase, “Many people. Many voices. One city.” Actually ring true. Dayton is an extremely segregated place where lots of neighborhoods have been forgotten for a very, very, very long time.” ― J.N. Graham

7) That the revitalization efforts reach deeper into the West Side of Dayton. ― Terra E. Banks-Pernell

8) “I hope it will become much more safe for local musicians to play to crowds again.” ― Jim Ingram

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9) “I hope the area’s many small businesses, restaurants and establishments can survive the next few months. We are trying to support them with carry out and and online orders, reviews, etc. but I know it may not be enough.” ― Hayley Botkin

10) “Education for children and Opportunity for parents to earn. ― Richard Lundin

11) “Irradiate COVID, help small business to stay open and thrive, love one another and come together as a community. Love thy neighbor and fellow man.” ― Leslie Thompson

12) I’m just hoping that Daytonians start taking times seriously and start wearing masks to help eradicate this virus from The Miami Valley. Its a small short term sacrifice for a greater good!” ― Ron Schlegel

13) “That we can all come together as nation again and love one another” ― Robb Sloan

“14) My wish is simply to see us all just get along, live peacefully and stop the violence.” ― Janet Arlene Yeazel

15) “Economic growth and development and support for it.” ― Dani Kay

16) “Praying for decreased gun violence and increased resources.” ― Mary Wilson

17) “My New Year’s hope for the Dayton area is that all the children and teens receive all the social, emotional and educational support they need.” ― Kelsee Kay

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18) “Politicians who really care and listen to the people.”― Susan Hanley

19) “To find the common ground and relearn the importance of respecting one another. Showing appreciation not constantly criticizing. Slowing down and finding the joy.” ― Dave Seyer

20) “I hope that we have hope. We can beat this, but it takes all of us. It’s in all of our power to make a difference. Get the vaccine, when your name is called. Mask up. Reach out to the most vulnerable with support and a loving heart.” ― Teri Rizvi

21) “The thing I missed the most during lockdown was the library. Even now, it’s restricted and empty. I look forward to a busy library and a concert at the new Levitt Pavilion. Went last year and was very excited for this year. I also can’t wait for a show at the Schuster and Victoria. I’ve always taken advantage of the fabulous culture Dayton offers. Sat on the riverfront several times this year eating some of Dayton’s great food.”― Dianne Bailey

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