Thief who beat homeowner’s dogs sentenced to 23 years in prison

A man who broke into a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last October, stole items and attacked the homeowner’s dogs was sentenced Tuesday to 23 years in prison.

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Joshua Keller later took a plea deal on charges of animal cruelty, burglary and larceny.

Kendra Jarrett, who is accused of helping Keller break into the home and steal items, will make her next court appearance on Wednesday.

Vicky Wright, who owns the home that was burglarized, found Keller and Jarrett in her driveway on the day of the incident. They told her that their truck had broken down. She helped them when they told her that they needed gas, then came home and found the crime scene.

Police said Jarrett and Keller stole $1,000 worth of DVDs, a laptop and jewelry and beat up Wright’s two dogs.

Wright said one of her dogs had a gash on its face and the other was limping when she got home.

The dogs have since recovered.

Wright said she believes that justice was served and she is happy about Keller’s sentence.

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