5 things to know about the coronavirus today: Rural infections, unemployment and the performing arts

It is Friday, Aug. 21, 2020, and these are five things to know about the coronavirus today.

Data is showing infection rates are growing in rural counties

New data was released Thursday as part of a weekly update by the state that showed that coronavirus cases have been rising in rural counties while falling in more urban ones. The state attributed improvements in urban counties to longer adoption of masks in public.

UD raised its campus alert level after a spike in coronavirus cases

After 11 new cases of the coronavirus were reported at the University of Dayton in the past week, the university raised its alert level to the second of five levels. UD President Eric F. Spina wrote to students that the rising level represents “a serious threat to our ability to remain on campus.”

After dip below one million new unemployment claims, national claims pushed back upward

Last week the nation hit a milestone as the number of new unemployment claims the week prior dipped below a million claims. However, this past week new unemployment claims increased again due to an increase in layoffs, rising back above the milestone number.

Airbnb banned house parties, reflecting problem seen in our area

Airbnb has announced that it is banning house parties worldwide to comply with coronavirus-related limits and clean up its reputation. It said it will limit occupancy in rental homes to 16 people, with exceptions for boutique hotels and other event venues. This reflects a phenomenon we have seen in the Dayton area, as we reported two weeks ago about problems area law enforcement have had with calls to Airbnb rental homes.

Performing arts guidelines to come today

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine promised guidelines for the performing arts would be available today. DeWine promised that more information on performances earlier this week would come in the nexg few days after announcing sports could be allowed to continue this fall. When asked if the order would apply to other school activities like science clubs or choir, and he said that it would not.

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