After a year off, New Carlisle fireworks set for July

New Carlisle is set to have fireworks July 3 after cancellations last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The fireworks will be deployed from the usual location near Haddix Ball Park at 534 North Main Street.

“I would expect a crowd because I think people were trying to get back to their daily routine and lives and have a normal celebration of 4th of July,” New Carlisle Mayor Mike Lowrey said.

Like many cities last year, New Carlisle’s 4th of July fireworks were canceled because of safety concerns.

“I can’t speak for the council members, but for me personally, with COVID-19 slowly on a decline, and with the new vaccine out now, and people knowing more of how to protect yourself with distancing, I think it’s just time to slowly start moving back into, you know, times that people are used to,” Lowrey said.

Social distancing guidelines and safety precautions will be observed at the park as large groups may attend.

“We welcome anybody who wants to come watch it,” Lowrey said.

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