Alabama police dog does push-ups between officers

Policemen need to stay in shape, but so do police dogs.

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A seven-second video of the newest member of an Alabama K-9 unit doing push-ups flanked by two police officers has gone viral, according to Cpl. Josh Coleman of the Gulf Shores Police Department.

The video depicts Nitro, a 2-year-old Dutch shepherd that joined the four-dog unit in February, reported. To the opening strains of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," Nitro joins officers William Cowan and Ben Hancock as they "warm up" for the nightly routine the department is promoting.

The “9 p.m. routine” is “simply a friendly reminder to remove valuables from the car and lock up” at the end of the day, Coleman told “Unlocked vehicle thefts are 100 percent preventable.”

The idea for the video came from Sgt. Greg Bobo, who oversees the Gulf Shores K-9 unit and “really believes in the 9 p.m. routine,” Coleman told “He had a great time working on this.”

It’s 9:00 PM #GulfShores! Go ahead and follow the #9PMRoutine.

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on Saturday, November 18, 2017

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