Amazon’s Alexa will cook for you: Here’s how

Amazon announced a new line of Echo devices and Alexa-enabled companions, totaling 11 new products in all. Here are three of the most unique new tech options.

1. AmazonBasics Microwave

“Alexa: Reheat a cup of coffee.”

With the new compact counter top microwave, consumers can ask Alexa to reheat, defrost or microwave at specific cook times and power level.

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The microwave will connect to an Echo device in the home, which will begin listening for the related command when a button on the machine is pressed.

The small appliance will also pair with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment and automatically reorder popcorn before a household runs out.

The price tag comes in at $59.99.

2. Echo Wall Clock

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The $29.99 wall clock has a variety of features including voice activated timers, visual animations for alarms and countdowns to scheduled events.

3. Amazon Smart Plug

The Amazon Smart Plug allows customers to control lights, fans, coffee makers and more from a smart phone. When the plug is connected to the same Wi-Fi signal as the smart phone, households can schedule when lights will turn on or off.

Each outlet plug costs $24.99.

Other new items include amps, speakers and updated Echo dots.


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