Amazon founder gives Air Force some advice at conference

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had some words of advice for the Air Force during at an annual conference earlier this week.

Bezos, the richest man in the world, told listeners at the Air Force Association's annual conference that the military branch needs to be more agile, innovative and friendly to the commercial industry, reports the website Defense News.

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To do that, Bezos hit on a few key areas where he thinks the Air Force needs to focus in order to stay ahead of its international competition.

One area of focus, Bezos said, should be space. He said the Air Force needs to stay in control of the space race in order to keep up with progress both China and Russia have made there.

“You have to go to space more frequently with less lead time,” Bezos said.

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Bezos also said that the Air Force needs to use more “commercial solutions.” Working with outside commercial services would allow the military to get custom systems but likely at a much cheaper price, he said.

Lastly, Bezos said the Air Force needs to become more nimble. To do that, he suggested the Air Force act more like a tech start-up and make decisions more quickly.


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