Birth control recalled for ‘out of order’ placebo pills

The drug company Allergan is recalling samples of its birth control pill because of placebo capsules that are out of order in the pill pack.

Thanks to a report from a physician, the drug company identified that the first four days of sample packs had four non-hormonal placebo pills instead of active capsules, according to a release from the pharmaceutical company Allergan.

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The recall was issued for 170,000 sample packs of Allergan’s birth control pill called TAYTULLA.

The capsules are allthe same color and size so taking them out of sequence “may place the user at risk for contraceptive failure and unintended pregnancy,” according to Allergan. Women who are concerned about unintended pregnancy as a result of the recall, should consult their doctor, the company stated.

Allergan said it has not heard of any unintended pregnancies caused by the faulty packaging, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

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TAYTULLA is an oral contraceptive, provided in a a 28 count pack with 24 active pills. The samples affected have a product number of #5620706 and are set to expire in May 2019, according to the company.

Consumers will be notified of the recall by a letter but people with questions regarding the recall can contact the drug maker by calling 800-678-1605.


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