Dayton says reduction in crashes tied to traffic cameras

Dayton’s mobile speed cameras are just part of the city’s traffic enforcement plan. STAFF

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Dayton’s mobile speed cameras are just part of the city’s traffic enforcement plan. STAFF

Injury crashes are down more than 15 percent this year in Dayton, city leaders said, then attributed it in significant part to the reactivation and use of speed and traffic cameras.

There have been about 599 injury crashes on the city’s roads so far this year, compared to about 710 for the period in 2017, the city said. Non-injury crashes have also fallen by about 5 percent during the same time period, the city said.

“It proves that it’s a policy that works,” said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, referring to the cameras.

Neither city officials nor Dayton police could provide specific crash statistics for the locations where traffic and speed cameras have returned to use.

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Earlier today, Dayton commissioners approved an amendment to an agreement with Optotraffic to pay up to about $1.5 million for support of the city’s photo enforcement traffic safety program.

The agreement extends term of the contract from September 2018 to the end of December 2019.

Dayton police said they will analyze data after the cameras have been in place for six months.

A city spokeswoman later Wednesday said: “The mayor made a general statement attributing the cameras as one of the reasons we have seen a reduction in injury crashes. We believe that the stats from the cameras will show that they (cameras) are a big factor in changing driver behavior.”

Fixed-site traffic cameras have been installed at a handful of “high crash” locations across the city. The city also uses mobile speed trailers, a couple of which are parked on Harshman Road, just south of Ohio 4 near Eastwood Lake.

A third mobile speed trailer sits on the 3300 block of North Main Street. Police also use hand-held speed cameras as well.

The Dayton Police Department’s three mobile speed trailers alone have issued about 12,986 citations for speeding since November of last year.

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The city of Dayton’s fixed cameras are at the following locations:

• West Third Street at James H. McGee Boulevard (three red light cameras)

• North Gettysburg Avenue at Fairbanks Avenue (two speed cameras)

• North Main Street at Siebenthaler Avenue (one speed camera)

• South Keowee Street between East Third Street and East Fourth Street (two speed cameras)

• South Smithville Road at Linden Avenue (two red light cameras).

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