College student invents napkin that can detect if drink has been drugged

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Credit: Justin Sullivan

A college student who was sexually assaulted after being drugged during an overseas studying trip has invented a napkin that can detect if there are drugs in your drink.

Danya Sherman, a student at George Washington University, created the KnoNap, a small napkin that tests for the nearly 40 types of chemicals that can be used as date rape drugs, WJLA reported.

Sherman said she was drugged and assaulted by a friend during the summer of 2016 while studying abroad in Spain. When she returned to the United States, Sherman said she realized she was not the only woman who had suffered this type of assault. So, while taking a women’s entrepreneurial leadership course at GWU, Sherman created the KnoNap, WJLA reported.

“All the individual has to do is take a drop of their drink, place it on the white area of the napkin -- that will be denoted as the loading area -- and it will turn to a reddish color,” if the drink has been tampered with, Sherman said.

Sherman said she will launch a Kickstarter campaign in the spring, adding that she is working with a company to help market the KnoNap, WJLA reported.

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