Ohio coronavirus hospitalizations stay under 3,000 for 7 straight days

Coronavirus hospitalizations remined below 3,000 patients in Ohio on Monday, making it the seventh day in a row under the benchmark, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

Gov. Mike DeWine previously said that if the state stays under 3,000 hospitalizations for a week, the curfew would be shortened to midnight to 5 a.m.

On Thursday the curfew was cut to 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. after staying under 3,500 hospitalizations a day for a week. DeWine said the curfew would be re-evaluated on Feb. 11.

If the state can keep hospitalizations under 2,500 patients for seven consecutive day, the curfew will be lifted entirely.

As of Monday, ODH was reporting 2,521 patients hospitalized with the virus. Throughout the pandemic, the state has recorded 46,438 hospitalizations attributed to coronavirus, including 223 reported on Monday.

ICU admissions increased by 19 for a total of 6,709.

Ohio’s number of daily cases of coronavirus stayed under 4,000 cases for the second day in a row Monday, according to the state health department.

The state recorded 3,287 cases Monday, a slight increase from the 3,011 cases reported Sunday. It’s the first two times that Ohio has had less than 4,000 daily cases in 2021.

Throughout the pandemic, Ohio has had a total of 899,079 cases.

Deaths increased by 55 on Monday, bringing the state’s total to 11,230, according to ODH.

This week Ohio is scheduled to administer COVID-19 vaccines to more than 500 K-12 schools, including districts in Montgomery and Butler counties. The vaccine is available to any school staff or personnel who is interested.

The state aims to have the first dose administered to all K-12 personnel who it by the end of February, with some districts already starting their second dose.

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