Ecstasy pills shaped to look like Donald Trump seized by German police

Authorities in Germany seized thousands of bright orange ecstasy pills over the weekend, each shaped and stamped to look like President Donald Trump.

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Police in Osnabruck, a city in northwest Germany, said in a news release that officers stopped a Peugeot 307 around 9 p.m. Saturday as it was traveling toward Hanover on the A30. Inside the car, officers said they found a 51-year-old Austrian man and his 17-year-old son.

The pair told officers that they had been in the Netherlands to look at a vehicle they were planning to buy, but inside the car, authorities said they found 5,000 ecstasy pills and a large amount of cash. Police believe that the pills, which were stamped with "NL" and the name "Trump," originated in the Netherlands, according to BBC News.

Police estimated that the pills were valued at about €39,000 (about $45,900) once sold.

+++Festnahme nach Drogenschmuggel+++ Die Autobahnpolizei Osnabrück hatte am Samstag mal wieder den richtigen...

Posted by Polizei Osnabrück on Monday, August 21, 2017

Officers arrested both the father and the son, who were not identified.

It's not the first time the Trump-shaped ecstasy pills have made the news. British tabloids reported last month that the pills, reportedly made in both pink and orange, were flooding the UK illegal drugs market. The Daily Star reported that one seller, who was not identified, was marketing the pills with the tagline "Trump makes partying great again," a play on the president's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

Those pills were also believed to have come from the Netherlands, according to the Daily Star.

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