Police: Dumpster divers at art school try to run over security guard


Credit: Santa Fe County Adult Detention Facility

A man and woman in New Mexico looking for tossed treasures at an art school were arrested after a confrontation with security guards, police said.

Security guards at Santa Fe University of Art and Design saw a man and woman going through dumpsters just after midnight on May 15, KRQE reported. After the trespassers were told to leave, they returned to campus a short time later, according to security officials. That's when things took a violent turn.

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The security guards called police and attempted to stop the pair from fleeing in their car. A guard told police that the woman, who was behind the wheel, tried to run over one of the guards so he threw his radio at the vehicle, which shattered the windshield.

Police arrested Audrey Whitesides and Adam Steinberg at the scene on criminal trespassing charges.

Whitesides told police she didn't mean any harm but returned to the school because she wanted to get another item from a dumpster. "These kids throw so much stuff away,'” Whitesides told police.

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