'Daddy, there's the guy': Burglary suspect caught after family sees him at store

It’s traumatic to get robbed, but even more unsettling when you run into the suspect at a grocery store the next day.

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"My oldest son Caleb pulls on my shirt and goes, 'Daddy, there's the guy,'" Ross Glass told WFLA.

Glass' home in Tampa had been burglarized Saturday, and he told the television station that the suspect -- who was caught on the home's surveillance camera -- stole a laptop, drone, television and gun, WFTS reported.

The next day, the family was shopping at a Winn-Dixie grocery store when they spotted the man they believed was in the video. Glass said he showed the video to his three children.

"I was watching it with my children next to me going like 'I see the guy'," Glass told WFTS. "To know that a bad guy has one of your guns out there, you know, it's just not a good feeling."

The video was the key to Glass’ son recognizing the suspect, the television station reported.

Glass called police, who questioned the suspect and let him go, WFLA reported.

However, when the man’s alibi did not check out and other people were able to identify him from Glass’ video, Tampa police arrested Eric Rodriguez-Sanchez on Monday, the television station reported.

"They have him now," Glass told WFLA. "I just really hope they can track down some of my things."

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